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Summer Paint and Sip Events and Beachglass Craft Activities in Cleveland, OH


Sip and Paint and Beachglass Events coming up this summer:

We will be painting the Cleveland Skyline at The Porch in Willoughby and Pinstripes at Pincecrest.

Sip and Paint in Willoughby, OH July 15

Beachglass Craft Afternoon in Vermilion, OH July 16

Beachglass Craft Night in Vermilion, OH July 16

Beachglass Craft Night in Aurora, OH July 25

Beachglass Craft Night in Medina, OH July 30

Paint and Sip in Orange, OH at Pinstripes Cleveland in Pinecrest August 5

Beachglass Craft Night in Willoughby, OH August 19

Beachglass Craft Night in Aurora, OH August 22

Beachglass Craft in Vermilion, OH August 27

Artist at Heart is a mobile paint and sip party and come to your event and location of choice. We offer canvas, wine glass painting, wine bottle painting and beachglass craft collage. We will accommodate any size group. We offer kids and adult parties. 

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