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Paint Party. Paint and Sip. DIY Beachglass Collage Craft Party


Happy Summer. We have been having fun at our adult private paint and sip parties. DIY Beach-Glass collage crafts have been popular. If you would like to do a DIY project at home, get free art videos and supply lists on our website for beachglass crafts and summer paintings with printable templates here: https://www.artistatheart.org/offers/FWaLGuhk/checkout

Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, Team-Building Ideas, Bridal Party Ideas. Do it yourself with Free access to printable templates, supply lists and more fun art videos here: https://www.artistatheart.org/offers/... Create online or in-person step-by-step art activities with Denyse, a Certified Art Teacher! Art Classes are for adults and kids! This channel is a teacher's resource for classroom activities. Denyse provides an educational step-by-step art video that is fun and easy for kids of all ages and abilities. You can learn how to draw step-by-step with our art videos on demand. In addition, our...

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Free Summer Art Activities For All Ages


Art for Kids. Summer Family-Fun Art Activities for kids of all ages to enjoy. We have step-by-step art videos with printable templates to use as a reference, to color, and to trace. Learn to draw. Enjoy free access to our summer art classes here: Free Summer Art Activities For All Ages I will draw out each project. Use your favorite art supplies. Here are some art supply recommendations: Mess-Free Art Supplies

Painting Supplies

Summer Fun Art Activities for Kids with educational step-by-step art lessons. Create online step-by-step art with me, Denyse, a Certified Art Teacher! Art Classes are for adults and kids!  I will provide an educational step-by-step art video lesson that is fun and easy for kids of all ages and abilities. You can learn how to draw step-by-step with our art videos on demand. In addition, our full membership has over 200 art videos in our virtual video vault with printable templates and an art app. #artactivity #kidsart #howtodraw ...

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We are very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website. Visit us at www.artistatheart.org  After five months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to officially announce the launch on May 12, 2022.  Artist at Heart wanted to make the new website faster, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly.


Our goal with this new website is to provide our visitors and current customers with an easier way to keep everyone updated. The new website gives better access to Who we are, How we work, Our Services, About Our Founder Denyse, Blogs, and Upcoming Events.


Amongst the new features, the site contains integrated social media buttons for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn to foster improved communication with clients. We will be constantly updating our content with helpful information, company announcements, and client successes on the Blog and Home Page. 


We would also like to thank our web partner...

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Educational Engaging Art Classes.


Hi Everyone. Happy 2021. I am Denyse, a certified art teacher with 20+ years of teaching experience in the Cleveland schools with a Masters Degree is in Art Education.  I am the owner and founder of Artist at Heart Paint Party, an online art class paint studio, where I teach people how to create with step-by-step instruction.

We have a variety of students from all over the United States, including home school families and military families. It is an amazing online community. All ages and abilities are welcome. 

If you told me a year ago I would be teaching art online to people from all over the country I would have never believed you. BE HAPPY. MAKE ART.

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