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DIY Beachglass Craft | Seaglass Art Supply Kit


Learn how to make your own diy seaglass artwork with art supplies seaglass kit.  Pencils  Erasers  Sharpies  Frame  Michaels Frame  Backing Board Masking Tape  Glue  Seaglass1   Seaglass2   Seaglass3.   Sea Shells  Paint Brushes Add anything else you want. Seashells, sand, branches. Create something that is personal to you. Step-by-step fun and educational art classes for all ages and abilities. Teachers. Home-School Families. Create online or in-person step-by-step art activities with Denyse, a Certified Art Teacher! Art Classes are for adults and kids! This channel is a teacher's resource for classroom activities. Denyse provides an educational step-by-step art video that is fun and easy for kids of all ages and abilities. You can learn how to draw step-by-step with our art videos on demand. In addition, our membership has over 200 art videos in our virtual video vault with printable templates and an art app. FREE Student and Teacher resources ✏️ : https://www.artistatheart.org/ START your online art class 🎨: https://www.artistatheart.org/ ⭐️ Subscribe:    / @artistatheartpaintparty   Website: https://www.artistatheart.org/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArtistAtHear... Amazon Livestream: https://www.amazon.com/live/channel/8... Denyse does private in-person paint parties & virtual art parties that include: Corporate Events Team-Building Activities Paint and Sip Paint Night Traveling Art Studio We come to you anywhere, anytime, for all ages and abilities—women's Wellness Retreats. Teachers enjoy how students engage with fun and easy interdisciplinary lessons, including science, math, reading, and writing. Artwork and videos by Artist at Heart are for students' and teachers' education and enjoyment and for anyone who likes to create artwork! FTC Disclosure: Artist at Heart is an affiliate with some of the products reviewed, recommended, or promoted in the video - provided by Amazon product links. Opinions expressed are not the opinions of the merchants but are the own opinions of Denyse Lipka. #affiliate #seaglassart #beachglassart #artsandcrafts #Paintandsip #Paintnight #teambuilding #Educational #Fun #OnlineArtLessons 



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